Open Letter

Dear Community, We want to apologize for the turmoil the past few months have caused. This has been an incredibly difficult time for our members and students in the LA and SF spaces, our partners, advisors, investors, the Upload team... Read More »


SIGGRAPH 2017 Brings New Tech to the Digital Space

Every year, hundreds of artists, visual effects enthusiasts, and interactive designers converge in Los Angeles, California to attend the world’s largest annual conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, SIGGRAPH 2017. The week-long convention hosts a variety of content from... Read More »

AR Street

Is Virtual Reality Ready for Enterprise?

The idea of enhancing the limitations of physical experience through virtual immersion is as old as imagination. A crude solution was born in the 1950’s that sought to make virtual reality (VR) marketable using three-dimensional (3D) filming and glasses for... Read More »