Frequently Asked Questions

Answer all of your questions

Upload’s mission is to support the growth of the VR/AR industry. We do this through offering courses to teach VR skills, covering latest news in VR/AR, and operating a VR/AR coworking space.

No we are not an accredited school. We are a post-secondary institution and our application is currently under review by the state of California to be a licensed school.

Some students may successfully petition their school to receive credit for their programs. We can provide you with a syllabus and instructor credentials to provide to your school.

Most of our courses are open enrollment and we often check in with students who have enrolled to ensure they are in the right program. Our master’s level intensive program requires an application however.

Our open enrollment programs are open for anyone to join. Our master’s level intensive program accepts approximately 5% of all applicants.


We require a 50% deposit before the program starts and allow students to pay the remainder throughout the course. For example, if a course is 10 weeks long, students may pay off the remaining 50% by the end of the 10 week program.

We do not have any scholarships available at the moment. We do however offer a limited number of heavily reduced-price volunteer tickets for our workshops to allow more affordability and access.

Many students successfully petition employers to make an exception to their policy given the high ROI of our programs. We can provide you with our syllabus, examples of student work, and evidence of industry validation of our programs.

Workshops are non-refundable. You may receive a full refund for our longer courses until 7 days after the program starts. After that, no refunds are allowed.


It depends on the class. Workshops typically require students to bring their own laptops and have a few headsets available for the class to share. Longer courses have VR-enabled computers, headsets, and controllers provided for each student.

Many of the startups that work at Upload’s campuses provide client projects as well as our broader VR network.

No this is an unpaid class project.

Our instructors are industry professionals who have developed VR experiences that can be found on the Oculus and Steam stores, and have written best-selling industry books about VR.

No we do not, we are not a job placement program. Graduates of our program get access to Upload events, mentor and investor network.

Typically our longer programs require 5-10 hours outside of class.