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Scalable REST API to handle file uploads from your app: manages file storage, file hosting & file transformations.

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Upload files using a simple,
scalable, low-latency API.

The Upload API provides high-performance file uploading, file processing & file hosting functionality through a simple & easy-to-integrate REST API.

POST /v1/files/basic
curl --data-binary @sample-image.jpg \
     -H "Content-Type: image/jpeg" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_PUBLIC_API_KEY" \
     -X POST ""
    "accountId": "W142hJk",
    "fileId": "W142hJkKd759aLFxttm69kZ",
    "fileUniquifier": "Kd759aLFxttm69kZ",
    "fileUrl": ""
Average request latency = 65 ms
  • Upload files via a simple POST request.
  • Transform, convert & optimize files via the URL.
  • Download files via a global CDN (300+ nodes).

Run file transformations.

Run transformations against your files in real-time, simply by appending "file transformation slugs" to the end of your file URLs. IDW142...69kZ/Transformation Slugpng;w=1024;h=768
  • Files transformed & returned on-demand.
  • Images typically processed in under a second.
  • Resize images, extract zips... even run your own code!

Globally distributed CDN.
Out the box.

The Upload API uses a global network of 300+ edge locations in 90+ cities across 47 countries to provide ultra-low-latency downloads to your users.

File Hosting API
  • Over 300 edge locations.
  • Presence in 90+ cities across 47 countries.
  • DDoS protection built-in.

Everything you need to handle
file uploads in your application

Core Features

File Storage

Store user-uploaded content via the Upload API to benefit from fast file hosting & transformations.

File Processing

Transform & optimize images via the URL. You can even use the Upload CDN to transform external files.

File Delivery

Files are served to your users via a globally distributed content delivery network for low-latency downloads.


Transform external files by adding your servers as "upstreams" in the Upload Dashboard.

Persistent Caching

Transformation results are persisted to a managed cache, optimizing the download experience for your users.


Monitor your storage, processing & bandwidth usage over time via the Upload Dashboard.

Pro Features

Custom CNAME

Make Upload your own by using a custom CNAME — your users will never know we're here.

Authenticated URLs

Upload supports federated file access, allowing you to authenticate file access via your own APIs.

Custom File Processing

Transform your files using custom code written in Node.js — native binaries also supported.

Read the Upload API docs

Learn how the Upload API works by reading our detailed docs.

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