About Upload, Inc.

Upload, Inc. is a multi-faceted company focused on accelerating the growth of the AR/VR industry. We are passionate about fostering a community that will bring immersive technology to life in a way that creates a positive impact. The three core domains of the business are co-working, skills training and media. The Upload SF and LA campuses are hybrid coworking, incubation and education spaces. The editorial site offers the latest industry news on all things happening in the global VR/AR ecosystem. Upload is fully ingrained in the immersive technology industry since May 2014, driving it forward through an inclusive community-oriented approach.

Upload’s Mission

Virtual reality is transforming the way we learn, interact, and understand the world around us. At Upload, everything we do is built on three pillars: Connection, Experience and Inspiration. We exist to accelerate the success of the AR & VR industries.