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Custom pricing

For teams building production apps with high usage.

CDN locations Upload's content delivery network (CDN) serves your files from many locations around the world, ensuring minimal download latency for your users.100300+300+300+
Storage Quota for the total size of all files stored in your Upload account.

Note: there is no storage limit when using a custom S3 bucket.
10 GB50 GB300 GB
Bandwidth Quota for combined upload & download traffic per month.

Note: traffic via custom S3 buckets still count towards your bandwidth usage.
10 GB50 GB300 GB
CPU Quota for hours spent transforming files per month (e.g. image resizes). File transformations on Upload are very fast: a little goes a long way!10 Hours50 Hours300 Hours
Uploads The maximum number of files you can upload per month.

Note: uploads via custom S3 buckets will count towards your upload usage.
Max file size The maximum size of file you can upload.50 MB500 MB100 GB
Daily upload limit All paid plans allow you to upload as many files as you want per day, up to your plan's monthly upload limit.
File uploads via JavaScript Add file uploads to your website's forms with Upload.js (our 6KB library) or with Uploader: our beautiful, plug-and-play file upload widget with image cropping.
File uploads via REST API Upload files with our easy-to-consume REST API, which supports both multipart file uploads and basic file uploads.
File storage Upload comes with cloud storage built-in. No complex configuration steps required: all your need is an Upload API key, and you can start uploading files.
File processing Transform and optimize your files in real-time. Upload supports: image resizing, image optimization, image cropping, image watermarking, and more.
File hosting Serve your files via our worldwide CDN, which caches your files at hundreds of locations across 47 countries, ensuring ultra-fast downloads for your users.
Reverse proxy support Use Upload to process, transform, and serve your existing files without moving them away from your servers.
Rules engine Upload's rules engine allows you to flexibly govern how files are uploaded to your account.
Rate limiting You can rate-limit uploads using custom dimensions and frequencies. For example: "100 uploads per day per IP" or "5 video uploads per hour per user"
Traffic limiting You can limit upload traffic using custom dimensions and frequencies. For example: "1 GB per day per IP" or "100 MB of images per hour per user"
File size limiting File size limits can be configured using complex predicates and are enforced on ingress.
TTLs / Expiring links You can expire files after a period of time has elapsed, and even redirect users to alternative URLs after your files expire.
IP Blacklisting You can reject upload attempts based on any number of dimensions, including the source IP address.
Usage monitoring Monitor your storage, processing & bandwidth usage over time using our beautiful dashboards.
SSL (HTTPS) All uploads, downloads and file transformations run over HTTPS, keeping you and your users safe.
Upload.js Upload.js is our easy-to-use JavaScript file upload library: it uploads files directly to your Upload account.
Lightweight (6KB)
Adaptive chunking Upload.js performs multipart file uploads to increase reliability over unstable networks.
Cancellable uploads Upload.js provides a simple method to cancel any in-progress upload - no need to deal with streams or race conditions.
Progress reporting Upload.js provides a simple callback for tracking a file's upload progress. Progress events are automatically smoothed using an exponential moving average (EMA).
Upload API The Upload API is our REST API, designed for adding file upload functionality to backend, desktop & mobile applications.
Simple REST API The Upload API follows RESTful design principles, benefiting you with predictable, resource-oriented URLs and standard HTTP verbs and response codes.
Low-latency RTT The Upload API's average request round trip time (RTT) is 65ms.
Standards-compliant The Upload API follows industry-leading RESTful design best practices and complies with OpenAPI Specification Version 3, making it easy to generate tools & libraries for any language.
Upload CDN Use the Upload CDN to transform files hosted on your own websites and servers.
Perma-Cache The Upload CDN uses an L1 and L2 cache: our L1 cache temporarily stores your files at locations closest to your users, while our L2 cache stores transformed & optimized files permanently to disk, ensuring sub-second subsequent requests, forever.
Image processing Resize, convert & crop images in real-time using Upload's ultra-fast image processing pipelines.
Image optimization Optimize images on your website in real-time to improve page load times.
DDoS protection The Upload CDN protects your assets from DDoS attacks through our advanced web application firewall (WAF).
Simple documentation Our documentation is clear and concise: we promise not to waste your time.
Support via email Friendly and professional support with our expert team, via email.
Public uploads Upload supports public file uploads, allowing you to upload files using your public API key, without requiring any server-side code.
Public downloads Upload supports public file downloads, allowing you to download your uploaded files using publicly-accessible URLs, with path names of your choosing.
Private uploads Upload supports private file uploads, allowing you to authenticate & authorize your file uploads using JWTs together with your application's own security layer.
Private downloads Upload supports private file downloads, allowing you to authenticate & authorize your file downloads using JWTs together with your application's own security layer.
Custom S3 buckets Custom S3 buckets give you fine-grained control over how and where your data is stored, in addition to offering the greatest level of cloud portability.

Note: there is no storage limit when using a custom S3 bucket. Bandwidth and upload quotas still apply.
Custom CNAME Make Upload your own by using a custom CNAME: your users will never know we're here.
Custom file processing Write your own code (Node.js) to process files using custom business logic.
Support via Slack Have in-depth discussions with our developers & support staff via Slack.
Priority Support Friendly and professional support with our expert team via email, Slack, or Zoom.
Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers.


You can pay for your Upload subscription via the dashboard using any major credit card.

All payments are handled safely and securely via our online payment provider. Your credit card details never touch our servers.

Yes, we can send yearly POs and invoices upon request to all customers on plans of 300 GB or higher: please contact for details.

Yes, although the setup is currently manual. If you'd like to pay yearly, please contact and request a yearly billing form: we’ll send one straight over to you.

We love startups — Upload is happy to provide low-cost trials to startups that are pre-launch, up until the day they launch.

If you haven't launched yet and are interested in the full-featured plans, please contact to arrange an upgrade: you will still be required to pay for a plan that covers your bandwidth, storage and CPU requirements. Once your product goes live, we will resume the normal fees for the cheapest plan that satisfies your needs.


We'll email you once 80% of your account's quotas have been consumed — so don't worry about accidentally exceeding your limits over night!

If you do happen to exceed your limits, then your downloads and/or uploads will return '429: Too Many Requests'.

(We'll email you again if this happens.)

You can upgrade your account at any time from your dashboard.

Simply click the "Upgrade Plan" link in the dashboard's navigation menu.

Yes, you can cancel or change your plan at any time.

To cancel or downgrade your plan, please refer to the 'Settings' page in the dashboard.

Your files will be deleted from our servers after you cancel your account.

You can export all of your files before cancelling via the dashboard.


Simply install Upload.js into your web app, and you're ready to go!

On average, it takes new users less than ten minutes from creating their Upload account to performing their first file upload in their web app.

Check out the Getting Started to see just how easy it is.

Yes: Upload supports file uploads from mobile devices.

Upload provides a smooth experience to mobile users through its fault-tolerant file upload protocol. This protocol uses an internal mechanism of file chunking, parallel chunk uploads and automatic retries to ensure that when network connectivity issues occur, uploads are resumed from where they left off after connectivity is restored.

This happens automatically and by default when you use Upload.js.

When you upload files using Upload.js, Uploader, or the Upload API, your files will be stored on Upload's servers.

Depending on who downloads your file, it may undergo further replication across the globe as it gets cached in Upload's CDN.

Upload also supports custom S3 buckets.

Yes: Upload provides API endpoints for listing and downloading files, making it easy to programmatically export your files at any time.

Yes, we can definitely help: Upload is theoretically limitless in its capacity.

If you would like to discuss custom pricing for your business, please contact sales.

Yes: Upload supports running custom code in its file transformation pipelines.

Simply publish your Node.js code to NPM and install it from your dashboard. You may spawn Python, JVM, and other processes from your Node.js code: you just need to ensure your code and binaries run on Amazon Linux.