SIGGRAPH 2017 Brings New Tech to the Digital Space

Every year, hundreds of artists, visual effects enthusiasts, and interactive designers converge in Los Angeles, California to attend the world’s largest annual conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, SIGGRAPH 2017. The week-long convention hosts a variety of content from research papers to educational talks, and an expo where companies like NVIDIA show off their latest software.

As the doors opened this year, it became clear that computer graphics (CG), film, artificial intelligence (AI), and even video game design were getting an upgrade. We’ve compiled a list of some the most interesting announcements, starting with NVIDIA.

Greg Estes, the vice president of NVIDIA, takes us on a tour of the latest software and tech available. From their external graphics processing unit (eGPU) to their virtual reality (VR) trained robot ISAAC, NVIDIA had a little something for everyone.

Epic Games shares their stunning in-game graphics engine Unreal with the film and animation industry. At the Orpheum Theater, the first ever Unreal Engine User Group was held, where twenty presenters from across different industries shared their experiences.

Researchers get the stage, as well. Pushing the boundaries of technology starts with a few brilliant minds asking “what if”. SIGGRAPH opened its floors to several groups exploring the limitations and innovations in graphics.

There is so much more to cover; fortunately, SIGGRAPH pulled together some of the convention highlights. Check out SIGGRAPH 2017 News You Need to Know for more on the tech, company spotlights, and innovations that are re-sculpting the digital landscape.