VR Development with Unity

VR Development with Unity

VR Development with Unity




Explore this exciting new technology and learn the skills needed to build stunning VR experiences in Upload's flagship 10-week night course.
Duration: 10-weeks Class time: 3 hours of in-class instruction per week at Upload SF or Upload LA Bonus bootcamp: 6 hour weekend C# Bootcamp Outside time: 5+ hours/week (depending on your goals) Level: Beginner-friendly Prerequisites: None (some experience programming a plus)

The Flagship Course

Build up your resume with a wide range of VR development skills acquired through 10 modules of instruction, 150 hours of original instructional content, 11 custom-built VR experiences, 26 step-by-step lessons, 11 self-scoring assessments, and 110+ hours of instructor support to guide your way. As you progress through the course, you'll develop multiple portfolio pieces that demonstrate your skills as a VR developer, giving you a competitive edge in professional settings.
The curriculum is designed and taught by a team of leading Unity-certified industry experts and is updated weekly. Our curriculum evolves as the technology and tools continue to grow.

Taught from the center of the VR/AR Industry

Upload students work out of the same space as 40+ active companies in the VR/AR Industry. Grow your professional network, benefit from our partnerships, and find new opportunities daily through our private networking and public events.
Our students have gone on to found their own startups, land new freelance work, and get hired at top companies including Samsung, Oculus Launchpad, Upload, Amazon, Magic Leap, and more. Here are just a few of their stories...
“I’ve landed a great project developing a VR app for Samsung GearVR, which is something I couldn’t have imagined myself doing a short while ago. More importantly, I’m developing valuable professional relationships all the time just by being at the Upload space. You don’t need to work at networking here because it just happens to you. If you’re interested in AR and VR and want to immerse yourself in an environment of creative, passionate, and smart people in the industry--I could not think of a better place to be.” - Ian Dellota, Upload Student
"In three weeks, we created Found, an award winning VR experience featured at Facebook’s Oculus conference. The team and I are now launching our own studio, Paracosm VR." - Jewel Lim, Co-Founder of Paracosm VR

Dedicated equipment for every student

Upload provides one of the most technically sophisticated classrooms in the world. Throughout the course, you'll enjoy a dedicated desk equipped with unlimited access to your own VR-ready machine, Oculus Rift and/or HTC Vive VR headset, and an extensive library of VR experiences to learn from. Use of the equipment and the 3-month Upload co-working membership (valued at $1800) is included free with your tuition, ensuring you will have everything you need to develop your skills - even outside of class.

A Demo Night, just for you

Throughout the the course, you'll have the opportunity to build an original VR experience to present at an Industry Demo Night, hosted at Upload. You can work solo or in teams and will benefit from more than 110 hours of instructor support each step of the way. Each team's work will be judged by a panel of industry experts, with the winning team taking home our coveted grand prize - a professionally produced commercial trailer of your experience, shot in our mixed reality studios.
"On demo day when I presented my final project, I met one of the judges who was working on a fascinating XR project relevant to my background. He encouraged me to apply for an internship with his company, and I was accepted. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity if it wasn’t for Upload’s friendly environment and the chance to demonstrate what I learned.” - Sherry Shih, Upload Student

Industry internships

With a certificate of completion from this course, you will receive access to Upload's private internship opportunities where you can develop your skills on real-world projects. Prior internships have been with Nasa, WEVR, Stanford, Marriott, NewPathVR, Outer Realm, Rise Leap, and more.
"We are thrilled with our Upload intern partnership, which continues to evolve. Following their 10-week course, our interns were well prepared to hit the ground running, and built version 1.0 of a VR music education application. This prototype was a key initial step toward an ongoing, broader discussion with both a nationwide music education charity organization and a large state university. This collaboration was made possible by the unusual blend of Upload's combined VR education and work space." - Steve Kurz, Outer Realm Co-Founder
"Upload's extensive partnerships in the VR industry generate powerful opportunities for alumni of their Unity Dev training course. Our team of students were able to work on an immersive experience for Stanford University, which taught us a great deal, and also generated a VR experience of value to their department." - Julian Reyes, Keyframe Entertainment

10 weeks of building personal projects and portfolio pieces

Hands-on instruction with certified instructors working in the industry

Develop the skills necessary to create stunning VR experiences, even if you have no experience.

VR focused curriculum with the Unity Engine


Get access to 100’s of premier VR/AR Mentors/ Investors and Partners through the Upload Network.

Cy Wise

Studio Director

Jules Orbach

Founder & CEO

Tony Parisi

Global Head of VR/AR

Denny Unger


James Iliff

Co-founder & CCO


Build and Design For Cutting-edge Technologies

Demonstrate a portfolio of VR experiences

Create custom behaviors by extending Unity with C#

Understand the production workflow of a VR project

Understand the industry and opportunities

Construct Inspiring VR Interactions

Collaborate on a group Unity VR project


Join Upload's powerful global network of immersive technology professionals and consumers.







Student-made VR Experience

“My passion had always been to bridge the gap between art and technology to make meaningful experiences. At Upload, we were able to accomplish this by the end of the course by creating Found, an award winning VR experience featured at Oculus Connect 3’s Keynote. A subset of the team and I are now launching our own studio, Paracosm VR Studios.”

- Jewel Lim, Co-Founder of Paracosm VR

Visit Campus

Schedule a tour to learn more about Upload and try some VR demos created in past courses!

Meet Your Instructors

Chad Lonberger

Chad Lonberger is Head of Product at Modetwo, an Innovation Management firm, where he helps companies harness emerging technology to create products people love. For the last 14 years he has specialized in rapid prototyping, experience design, and product management. Chad created the Core Compulsion Model, a framework used to identify unmet market needs and build hyper-growth products. He has been responsible for training teams, facilitating innovation workshops, and helped drive multiple startups to successful exits. To date, Chad has worked on products used by 60m people globally, contributing $2b in revenue to his clients. For the last 2 years, Chad has focused exclusively on VR/AR as a medium to create powerful experiences that solve problems in mental health, training/simulation, and content creation. He is a Certified Unity Developer, Upload resident, and a graduate of Upload’s 10-week full-time VR Academy. A reel of recent VR/AR concepts Chad has worked on can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urW0pC3jjNI

Andy Jevsevar

Andy Jevsevar is a Unity Developer with a background in Data Science, and passion for Teaching. He discovered his love for virtual reality through Upload and was a student in Upload’s VR Development with Unity course. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Pitzer College. During his time in undergrad, he received multiple fellowships focussing on analyzing dMRI brain scans from Alzheimer’s patients and modeling vibration data from Black Widow spider webs. Andy is most excited about teaching physics with VR, and loves building content for Physics and Calculus students. VR’s ultimate potential lies in its ability to make abstract concepts tangible; he is very excited to be apart of the VR education revolution!

Tiffany Raber

Tiffany Raber is a Unity developer, 3D asset creator/designer, and biomedical illustrator. A recent graduate from the Biomedical Visualization Graduate Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Tiffany grew a passion for interactive medical education/simulation techniques in the AR/VR space. She believes that the advancement of MedVR will directly impact and transform the field, improving patient experience, surgical training, science education, and overall user health. Currently, Tiffany is a Visiting Research Assistant, working in modeling and simulation in VR, at The U.S. Army Research Laboratory West, located at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies.

Darius Clarke

Darius Clarke is an Software Programmer and High School Software Development Teacher. He created a simulation for a university research project that allowed high school students to explore and compare 3D paths of simulated paper airplanes. He also supports the Serious Games movement, helping with conferences. Recently he has been exploring Virtual Reality's possibility for not just being "fantasy vision" but enabling its "X-ray vision" power to help our youth see the invisible forces that exist around us, continually shaping and reshaping their lives and ours.


Class 1: Welcome to Upload, VR industry deep-dive, and emerging technologies
  • Learn about your unique industry opportunities at Upload Get familiar with the course and tools used Develop a working knowledge of the technology, history, and major players in the VR industry Understand the markets that VR/AR are disrupting and learn about your biggest opportunities as a VR dev Learn how to properly setup, configure, and troubleshoot your hardware Experience a set of curated experiences that will help familiarize you with the technology Get familiar with the external resources available throughout the class

Class 2: Learning Unity for VR
  • Become familiar with the Unity ecosystem and the editor interface Understand the benefits of using Unity for VR development Know the steps necessary to become a certified Unity Developer Get set up with Unity’s Collaboration tool and understand team workflow Experience building VR, in VR with Unity’s experimental EditorVR toolkit Learn the essentials of Unity development

Class 3: Creating Worlds
  • Learn how to properly import assets, libraries, and packages Learn about the Oculus and Steam VR libraries for Unity Understand Unity’s Terrain tool Learn about GameObjects, Prefabs, and Primitives Understand the value of “grey boxing” in the Unity workflow Become familiar with the concepts of Vector Math Learn about Materials, Shaders, and Textures

Class 4: Lighting, Particles, & Spatial Audio
  • Learn about Unity's lighting system Understand how to evoke moods with different lighting styles including 3-point lighting Utilize Unity’s particle system to bring scenes to life Get acquainted with Unity’s audio system Learn how to play ambient audio in your experience Learn how to deliver 3D spacial audio to maximize immersion

Class 5: Bringing Things to Life
  • Understand Unity’s Animation system Learn how to create and import existing Animations into Unity projects Learn how to use Unity's brand new Timeline tool to orchestrate complex behaviors in Unity Learn what a state machine is and how it is used in Unity Learn the difference between standard animation and humanoid animation Learn how to use the Animator to control animation clips

Class 6: C# Weekend Bootcamp
  • Become familiar with Visual Studio as an IDE and how it is used with Unity Understand debugging through Unity’s console window, Visual Studio, and Unity’s Debugging API Learn about Variables, Functions, If statements, Conditionals, Lists & Arrays, For loops, Foreach loops, and While loops Learn about Unity’s Game Loop Learn Unity specific methods and types how to use them in C# Understand public and private modifiers and how they relate to the Inspector window

Class 7: Interaction Design for VR
  • Understand the theory behind VR interaction Learn how to use Unity’s physics engine to add realism Learn the Interactable architecture and how to use it to create robust VR interactions Learn how to create custom hand poses to use in your experiences Discover how Virtual Embodiment can be utilized to create believable VR experiences

Class 8: VR Locomotion and UI
  • Understand the need for locomotion within VR experiences Know the impact of movement on a human’s vestibular system Learn the key strategies, design considerations, and industry best practices for Locomotion Learn how to create effective UI in VR Understand how UI is implemented in Unity Introduction to Final Projects Team Formation Develop the vision for your final project

Class 9: 360 and System Architecture
  • Learn about pre-rendered (CG) and recorded 360 video content Learn how to implement 360 content in Unity for VR Understand best practices and understand the major players in the 360 industry Learn about gaze-based interaction Create a virtual polaroid camera you can use in your experiences Learn industry standard project architecture (Controllers and Managers) Learn how to communicate between scripts in Unity Final Project check-in

Class 10: Polish and Performance
  • Understand Unity’s Post-Processing stack and how it can be used to add camera effects to your Unity project Learn how to use the profiler to identify performance bottlenecks in your Unity project Learn how to debug your final projects to ensure they deliver the highest quality user experience Learn how to record a VR experience in Unity Become familiar with the alumni opportunities and benefits Work on final projects Preparing for Demo Day!


Reserve Your Seat. Payment Plans are available.

San Francisco (SoMa) (SOLD OUT)
Oct 9 - Dec 11
Mondays, 6:30pm - 9:30pm

$500 non-refundable deposit

Los Angeles (Marina Del Rey) (SOLD OUT)
Oc 10 - Dec 12
Tuesdays, 7:00pm - 10:00pm

$500 non-refundable deposit

San Francisco (SoMa)
Jan 22 - Mar 26
Mondays, 6:30pm - 9:30pm

$500 non-refundable deposit

Los Angeles (Marina Del Rey)
Jan 23 - Mar 27
Tuesdays, 7:00pm - 10:00pm

$500 non-refundable deposit


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