Open Letter

Dear Community,

We want to apologize for the turmoil the past few months have caused. This has been an incredibly difficult time for our members and students in the LA and SF spaces, our partners, advisors, investors, the Upload team members, both past and present, and the community at large. As leaders of this organization, we let you down and we are sorry.

We understand the silence from our end has been deafening to many of you who are looking for answers. We also realize that our response to the initial statement request exacerbated the problem by immediately discrediting the need for self-reflection. These last few months have been a driver of change that brought forth difficult but important conversations about our internal culture and the overall state of diversity and inclusion within the industry. Although we’ve stayed quiet externally during this process, we have been focused internally on assessing ourselves, examining our culture and finding the right team to help us build the most inclusive and empowering environment possible going forward.

As part of our continued mission, we’ve brought in internal and external HR support for the first time, conducted HR training for everyone in the company, established structured performance review systems, reviewed all salary and equity data for fairness, and put mechanisms in place for safe reporting of any issues. In hindsight, things we should have done from the start. In addition, four experienced leaders have since joined the team to help us build a more mature infrastructure — Anne Ward stepped in as COO who helped bring in Amy Peck, Head of Enterprise Strategy, Gregg Katano, Senior Facilities Manager, and Jacki Morie, VP of Education. This is just the beginning and we believe that actions, not words, will be the path forward.

Our door is open and we want to hear your ideas for constructive steps we can take to help all of us make strides toward breaking down old behaviors. We are committed to bringing awareness to these issues and being a force of positive change, not just in XR, but in the technology industry as a whole.


Taylor Freeman, CEO

Will Mason, President