Data Types


The result returned by the Upload Widget.

Note: the Upload Widget returns an array of these items.



"filePath": "/uploads/image.jpg",
"fileUrl": "",
"originalFile": {
"accountId": "YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID",
"filePath": "/uploads/image.jpg",
"fileUrl": "",
"lastModified": 1615680311115,
"metadata": {
"myCustomField1": true,
"myCustomField2": {
"hello": "world"
"anotherCustomField": 42
"mime": "image/jpeg",
"originalFileName": "example.jpg",
"size": 43182,
"tags": [



If the user did not upload a cropped image, then this field will be undefined.

If the user did upload a cropped image, then this field will refer to a JSON file containing the cropped image's dimensions.

You must view this file via an image transformation — e.g. thumbnail — for the JSON file to be rendered as an image. If you view this file using raw in the URL then you'll see the raw JSON file containing the crop dimensions.

Type: UploadedFile

Required: No


The filePath of the editedFile — if it exists — else the filePath of the originalFile.

Type: String

Min Length: 1

Max Length: 512

Example: "/uploads/image.jpg"

Required: Yes


A browser-loadable URL for filePath, using the most suitable transformation available from your Upload account, else uses raw.

Type: String

Min Length: 1

Max Length: 255

Example: ""

Required: Yes


The original file uploaded from the user's device.

Type: UploadedFile

Required: Yes

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